RIP Chateau Frank: Dr. Konstantin Frank Moves Sparkling Wines Under Main Label

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Ever wonder why, for more than 30 years, Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery separated out its sparkling wine program under the Chateau Frank brand. These are consistently some of the best sparkling wines coming out of the region — why not leverage the parent winery’s brand recognition?

“Basically, Willy (Frank) and Konstantin (Frank) had differing views on producing sparkling wines in the Finger Lakes,” said Erin Flynn, marketing director at the winery, who adds that that reason is “no longer a valid reason.”

So, as the below press release outlines, the Chateau Frank brand is being phased out and all of those wines will now bear the Dr. Konstantin Frank label.

“We believe there is strength in unity and the sparkling wines we produce will now get more of the attention they deserve,” Flynn said in an email.

Hammondsport, New York – July 26, 2017 – Chateau Frank méthode champenoise sparkling wines produced by the Frank family since 1985 in the Finger Lakes will be moving under the Dr. Konstantin Frank brand name.

When second generation owner Willy Frank began making sparkling wines in the méthode champenoise in the early 1980’s, he set out to do something that had never been done before in the Finger Lakes.

Prior to Willy, the only sparkling wines produced in the Finger Lakes were produced from native grapes and hybrids. The region’s first sparkling wines made in the méthode champenoise from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier were released in 1985. Not wanting to compete with his father’s
operation, he released the wines under the name “Chateau Frank”. At the time, the two men differed in opinion about the value of sparkling wine. Over the last thirty years Chateau Frank has come to be known as one of the most premium sparkling wine producers in the country. The Frank family believes it is now time to bring the two brands together to unify the winery message. Chateau Frank sparkling wines will gradually be rolled out under the Dr. Konstantin Frank name within the next few months.


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