North American Wine News – January 29, 2017 The Cork Report Headlines

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Explore the news worth knowing from across North American wine country.

Michigan State University – 1/26/2018 – Grape production has a hard time keeping pace with the expansion of wineries in Michigan. – 1/25/2018 – New York Governor’s proposed 2019 budget includes the creation of new license for farm meaderies.

Boone Country Connection – 1/25/2018 – Show Me State’s Grape and Wine Council to host it’s third annual industry conference in early March. – 1/24/2018Cape May Vineyard owner joins New Jersey State Board of Agriculture.

Business Wire – 1/22/2018 – Indiana wineries face an unpalatable decision when direct shipping and wholesale licenses are mutually exclusive.

Wine Industry Advisor – 1/17/2018 – A new crop of Finger Lakes winemakers endeavor to continue regions ascent in quality.

KXAN – 1/17/2017 – Texas Hill Country vineyards welcome winter cold snap for assistance in disease management.


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