About The Cork Report

The Cork Report examines North American wine country with open minds and intrepid palates. We investigate and celebrate the special people and places that make for delicious and distinctive wines.

Launched in September 2016, The Cork Report is a natural evolution from founder Lenn Thompson’s previous online publication, the New York Cork Report. For more than a decade, the NYCR was focused almost exclusively on New York’s adult beverage industry. Now, our “beat” has expanded to encompass all of North America, save California, Oregon, and Washington — not because there aren’t incredible wines from those places, but because their coverage is ubiquitous.

We are champions but we are also critical. Simply being “local” isn’t good enough. We are obsessed with the idea that if the right grapes grown in the right place by the right people and are then handled the right way in the cellar the resulting wines can be great, regardless of region. We’vet tasted it time and time again.

While Lenn’s is the primary voice of the site, he’s invited a small band of similarly minded writers and photographers to join the chorus, both as regular contributors and as occasional ones. They add texture and nuance to the site and its coverage.


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