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Northern Wine Odyssey: Sagan Schultz on Dry January and Wellness in the Wine Industry

In this week’s episode of Northern Wine Odyssey, host Paul Brady spoke with his friend and former colleague from the trenches

Paul Brady talks with Chicago sommelier Anthony Minne about the future of sommelier positions.

This Instagram interview with Chicago sommelier Anthony Minne focuses on his perspective coming up through the industry, beginning as a

Paul Brady Talks with International the Wine Center’s Mary Gorman-McAdams

In this episode of Paul’s “Northern Wine Odyssey” series, he talks with Mary Gorman-McAdams about New York wines and wine

Paul Brady Talks with Jason Wilson About Wine Writing, the Finger Lakes, and the Loire Valley

The Cork Report’s Paul Brady sits down – virtually – with Jason Wilson from Vinous to talk about wine writing,

A Decade or More Later? It’s No Problem for These Long Island Red Wines.

Wine has many components that offer pleasure to the drinker. There is the simple pleasure found in the indulgence of

Paul Brady Joins The Cork Report Covering Michigan, Ontario and the Finger Lakes

Long-time readers may remember a period in the New York Cork Report‘s history when there were upwards of a dozen

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