The Cork Report Headlines – September 21, 2016 The news and events that matter in the wine world

Now that we’ve expanded our coverage beyond New York, there is an insane amount of news to sift through and cover each week. As such, we’ve moved our news roundups to Wednesdays and will likely fine tune how we present them over time.

In the meantime, enjoy some of the most interesting things happening in regional wine today.

usaForbes – 9/19/2016:  Major outlet gets wind of the new Cork Report and tries to scoop the story, that domestic wine is happening in places outside of California. 😉

txHoustonia – 9/19/2016: Jeremy Parzen reports on changes in grape vine selection as Texas copes with a changing climate.

miWWMT – 9/16/2016: State grant of $1M plants seed money so Michigan students can grow careers in local wine production.

nySpotlight News9/14/2016: New legislation makes it easier for Empire State beverage producers to sell other local product categories in their tasting rooms.

nyMarket Wired – 9/12/2016: Beverage innovation in the Finger Lakes, as cider and wine producers cross the streams to make a product that will be called “Make America Grape Again”.

vaAshburn Patch9/12/2016: Virginia sets a new record with steady increase in wine and cider sales, while accruing positive economic impacts and increased media attention.

mdCarrol County Times 9/10/2016: This year’s Maryland Wine Festival carves out a special space for the state’s growing cider sector.

minyNapa Valley Register9/6/2016: Dan Berger looks back on 2016 wine competitions to see that New York and Michigan stood out due to impressive quality increases.


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