2016 Harvest Report: Macari Vineyards (New York) October 8, 2016

Kelly Urbanik Koch, head winemaker for Macari Vineyards, offers this harvest update:

“We are just finishing up with our whites. Today, we are pressing our last block of chardonnay and Monday we will pick our viognier to finish the whites. We have also picked some reds for rose already and will continue with rose next week. Earlier reds will also be picked starting next week.

Quality is good this year — sugars are a bit lower than usual and acids are moderate. The lower sugar levels are not indicative of a lack of ripeness. Flavors are on par with the best of years with great intensity and aromatics so far.

Our vineyard manager, Joey Macari, has done an incredible job dealing with a challenging year — maintaining a healthy canopy to help us get through the final leg of ripening for the reds.”


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