2016 Harvest Report: Red Newt Cellars (New York) October 13, 2016

Kelby Russell, winemaker at Red Newt Cellars offers this quick update on their harvest season:

“Busy week for us here at Red Newt; this week and next are our peak harvest weeks thanks to riesling. We’re about 50% through with riesling as I write this, likely done with most all of it by the end of next week. The fruit has been hanging well; around average or just above average sugar levels, TA dropping, spectacular flavor development; but with a week of showers forecast starting Monday we are going full steam ahead.

After a long drought from April to October, it will be interesting to see how the wines develop. I love the flavors in the grapes themselves, something I rarely comment on, so I’m just hoping that intensity carries into the finished wines!”

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