2016 Harvest Report: Wolffer Estate Vineyard (New York) October 7, 2016

Wolffer Estate winemaker Roman Roth sent in this harvest report:

“We have picked 76% of our fruit. Sparkling is in and is looking great. Almost all the rose fruit (95%) is in and also looking fantastic. Sauvignon blanc and pinot noir is also picked. The fruit flavors are wonderful. Very clean and bright. The record warm July and August have ensured that the fruit is (tasting) ripe and that acidity is on the lower side. Sugars are a lower than the stellar 2013 or 2015 vintages but that is fine for our elegant and balance wines.

Our Perle Chardonnay is ripening and hopefully will get more concentration. All our reds are still hanging. We are extremely lucky that Hurricane Matthews is turning East. This is exactly what we needed. With a little bit of luck and more sunshine and no rain we can now wait and hopefully get great concentration and depth for the final lots. It’s the last inning that counts!

We have been a bit spoiled by many fantastic growing seasons in a row with unusually early ripening and early harvests. With good vineyard practices and a bit of luck we can hang the fruit and get to great numbers. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet!

(2016) is a different year than any other I have seen. In some ways the crops (quantity) are higher — similar to 2014, white the numbers (Sugar, pH, TA) are reflecting the hot season and some drought stress.

All in all the flavors are ripe and nice fruit is showing up at the crush pad.”

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