The Cork Report Headlines – November 9, 2016

We’re a day late and a little lighter than we’d like this week — but obviously there are other, perhaps more important, things going on in America this week.

idIdaho Statesman – 11/10/2016 – Young local Idaho winemaker wins SommCon scholarship recognition.

usaDecanter – 11/9/2016 – What could a teetotaller-in-chief mean for the health of the entire United States wine industry?

nyWine Spectator – 11/7/2016 – James Molesworth files his report on the Finger Lakes and Long Island harvests

nyBuffalo News – 11/5/2016 – Some producers on the Niagara Wine Trail say 2016 was the vintage of a lifetime.

paWFMZ – 11/2/2016 – Pennsylvania wine producers have doubled in number to over 200 in just a decade, but still search for regional identity.

nyVeraison to Harvest – 10/31/2016 – The final 2016 edition of Cornell Cooperative Extension seasonal newsletter.

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