My Northforker Wines/Beers of the Week for March 2017

It recently occurred to me that I don’t do a great job sharing the writing I do for other publications here on The Cork Report. So, every now and then (I’d love to say I’ll do it monthly) I’ll do quick roundups of my various stories you can find elsewhere.

I write a short weekly column for that is usually “Wine of the Week” but here and there it becomes “Beer of the Week” too. Here are those stories from March:


March 2: Moustache Brewing Co. “Dexterity Issues” Double¬†India Pale Ale


March 9: Harbes Vineyard 2014 Cabernet Franc


March 17: Wolffer Estate 2016 Rose


March 23: Threes Brewing “Categorical Error” Pale Ale


March 31: Sparkling Pointe 2014 Brut

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