The Cork Report Headlines – May 19, 2017

The news editor has been on vacation, and here are some stories that popped up while he was away from the desk…

njWashington Post – 5/13/2017 – Wines shine and a New Jersey sparkler stands out at gathering of eastern U.S. winemakers.

miMichigan State University – 5/8/2017 – Enviroweather network of 85 data collectors provides detailed reporting to Michigan wine producers.

mdWashington City Paper5/4/2017 – Those in the know think that albariño could be “the grape” to spread the story of Maryland wine.

miRevue – 5/3/2017 – Michigan taps history and unique climate making wine on the 45th parallel.

WICap Times – 5/1/2017 – Wisconsin wineries lobby for update of post-prohibition law that limits operating hours in tasting rooms.

nyMorning Ag Clips – 4/30/2017 – Vineyard expansion in eastern New York continues steady pace, sparking innovation and economy.

paTimes-Leader – 4/29/2017 – Pennsylvania vintners and distillers congregate at festival dedicated to their products.


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