The Cork Report Headlines – June 23, 2017

Check out this week’s wine and spirits news from across North America — minus those states that get all the press already.

nyTimes Union – 6/21/2017 – Distilleries in New York can now sell local beer, wine, and cider by the glass in their tasting rooms.

njNewsWorks – 6/19/2017 – New Jersey Assembly Agriculture Committee introduces bills to provide financial aid and tax relief to states growing wine industry.

My San Antonio – 6/16/2017 – Coastal Texas wineries have signature grape, Blanc du Bois, that thrives in local climate.,

paPenn Record – 6/15/2017 – California winery sues Pennsylvania winery over trademark infringement for name “Blair Vineyards”.

nyBrewbound – 6/13/2016 – New York now taking commercial applications for custom consumer fermentation facilities.

nyWayne Post – 6/13/2017 – Finger Lakes local food and drink garners $1 million in state agricultural grants.

WIWiscNews – 6/7/2017 – Wisconsin wine and cheese team up to organize crossover tasting trail.

njPenn Live – 6/7/2017Cape May road trip delivers wine, feasts and fun on the New Jersey coast.

miThe Detroit News – 6/4/2017 – Michigan winemaker acquires winery where his career started.


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