The Cork Report Headlines – July 7, 2017

Grenache vines at Arizona’s Page Springs Cellars

Check out this week’s (and last week’s) North American wine news worth knowing. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Spectrum News – 7/7/2017 – Wet weather in western New York puts pressure on crape crop and reduces tasting room traffic.

C-Ville – 6/28/2017 – Virginia wine industry owes some of its success to winegrower Chris Hill.

Milwaukee Business Journal – 6/30/2017 – Wisconsin wines continue to succeed despite market challenges and regulatory obstacles.

Idaho Press – 6/29/2017 – Harsh winter wreaks havoc on this years Idaho wine crop, with some roots only saved by deep snow cover.

Victor Post – 6/25/2017 – New York Wine and Grape Foundation exec covers a lot of ground keeping up with local production.

Washington Post – 6/24/2017 – TasteCamp explores and samples the potential of Maryland‘s vineyards.

USA Today – 6/24/2017Visitors to Northern Virginia find ample opportunities to sample wine and fine food.

Paste Magazine – 6/23/2017 – Finger Lakes touted as a premier destination for wine vacations.


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