Buy Great Wine and Help Those in and Around Houston

If you’re reading this site, you probably already buy (and drink) wine with some regularity. What if I told you that you can keep doing that and help those whose lives have been turned upside down by Hurricane Harvey?

I’m starting to see wineries on the East Coast and beyond that have announced fundraising projects to help those in Texas who need our help. As I hear about new and different ones, I’ll make sure to add them here.

First, Southold Farm + Cellar has decided to take all of the profits from the next two weeks worth of bottle sales — both online (for shipping in the fall once it’s cooler) and in the tasting room — and donate them to the Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Fund. Visit their online store

Second, the fine folks behind Maryland’s Old Westminster Winery have pledged to raise (and then donate) $10,000 by devoting 20% of all sales — again, both online and in the tasting room — to the effort. Visit their online store.

Matthiasson (one of a handful of California producers that I do get excited about) will donate 100% of all after-tax profits on their 2014 Napa Valley White Wine to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Get the details and order here.


Nena and I have already donated directly to the Red Cross, but I’m going to order some too — because I was going to buy wine anyway.

Do you know about another winery doing something similar? Let me know in the comments and I’ll continue to update this post.

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