Mazza Vineyards Hires Portuguese Winemaker Ana Trigo

It’s always newsworthy when a winery — especially one in an emerging region — hires a winemaker from what is considered a more-established region. Outside perspectives with more global palates can only help a winery and a region as it works to improve the quality of its wine.

Today, Mazza Vineyards which operates wineries in New York and Pennsylvania, announced the hiring of Ana Trigo, from Portugal, as assistant winemaker via the below press release.

North East, PA – Summer 2017 – The Mazza Family is excited to announce Ana Trigo as Assistant Winemaker and the newest addition to the Mazza winemaking team. Ana comes to Erie County from her hometown of Lisbon, Portugal, bringing five years of experience to the winery, as well as a Master’s degree of Viticulture and Oenology from the Instituto Superior de Agronomia, University of Lisbon.

“Lake Erie is an exciting and challenging wine region to work in,” Ana says. “It has an extensive native grape growing heritage, and the past couple years’ cool climate hybrids and varieties have allowed the production of unique and diverse wine styles. With over 250 indigenous wine grape varieties in Portugal, I’m drawn to how the Lake Erie region similarly enhances unique wine production with its climate and topography. Working for Mazza will be a great opportunity to learn and experiment with what can be produced best here in Lake Erie.”

Ana makes a valuable addition to the Mazza Vineyards team with her global wine knowledge, joining a roster of winemakers with a rich history of experience across Uruguay, Chile, Australia, Hungary, and Germany. She has spent time at wineries such as Amisfield Winery in New Zealand, Leeuwin Estate Winery in Australia, Domaine Dublère in France, and Niepoort Vinhos in Portugal, spanning both Old World and New World wine regions. Aside from her strong understanding and appreciation of international wine styles, she is also bringing her knowledge of diverse winemaking techniques and cellar production processes. At 45-year old Mazza Vineyards, Ana is working in wine production on-site under General Manager and Enologist, Mario Mazza.

“We are excited to have Ana join our team and build upon the previous efforts and successes of her predecessors,” says Mario Mazza. “Her vintages in Burgundy, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand demonstrate a wide range of experience that she can draw upon in both continuing to refine Mazza’s existing winemaking styles and exploring new varietals and opportunities.”

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