Wine Enthusiast: Pennsylvania Finds Focus

I’m thrilled to announce that my first piece for Wine Enthusiast magazine is now live on their website as well. 

I’ve dabbled in tasting and writing about the wines of my home state for years but pulling this short piece together forced me to be much more comprehensive in my tasting and interviewing. 350 words isn’t much space, so I had to cut a lot of great information, but wow — I found so many passionate, talented winemakers and grape growers in my research.

Like literally any other wine region in the world, there is a lot of not-great wine being made in Pennsylvania, but when you find the right people, growing the right things in the right places and doing the right things in the cellar, the results in Pennsylvania are on par with most anywhere.

Like I said, I had to cut a lot of copy from this piece — so expect a lot more Pennsylvania coverage here on the site.

Read the Wine Enthusiast story online.


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