Lenz Winery 2010 Old Vines Merlot

If you’ve been drinking Long Island wines for very long, you’ve most certainly heard a winemaker or tasting room staffer compare the North Fork and its wines to Bordeaux and its wines, particularly Right Bank Bordeaux.

You don’t hear that much anymore (thankfully) but if you taste and drink enough local merlot-based wines, you’re going to sometimes come across a wine that makes that comparison appropriate. Lenz Winery 2010 Old Vines Merlot ($65) is one such wine.

You might be thinking “$65? For a Long Island merlot?”  o that I’d simply say, “Yes.”

To that I’d simply say, “Yes.” This wine is a classic for a reason and is absolutely worth the splurge to be able to enjoy a wine from a great vintage with this sort of bottle age — maturing but nowhere near peak.

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