From the Archives: Podcast Episode with Regan Meador, Southold Farm & Cellar

Almost a year before The Cork Report became the name of this website, it was the name of a podcast that I launched, did one real episode of, and then retired because I just wasn’t good enough at the audio editing piece of it to make it sustainable.

That single episode, however, was pretty solid, so I wanted to re-publish it here today. It’s with Regan Meador, co-owner and winemaker at Southold Farm & Cellar and our conversation happened well before local governmental pressures forced he and his wife Carey to move their young family and winery to Texas.

I also think I’ve found someone who is willing to do the audio work if I want to do some more podcasting. I also have a co-host lined up. And about two dozen people I want to talk to. 2018 should be fun.

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