North American Wine News – December 4, 2017 The Cork Report Headlines

Check out this week’s North American wine news worth knowing.

Finger Lakes Times – 12/3/2017 – Wineries and Seneca Lake Guardians raise a stink over proposed trash incineration project.

Penn Live – 12/2/2017 – Sturdy and productive, Pennsylvania growers share what they like about Chambourcin.

WDBJ7 – 11/29/2017 – Virginia Tech offers high-tech help to regions vineyard siting process.

The Daily Meal – 11/29/2017 – The grape varieties grown in Texas get bright lights exposure in the Big Apple.

BillyPenn – 11/26/2017 – Day trip tips for PA winery bound visitors from Philly.

Good Fruit Grower – 11/15/2017 – Awareness of Riesling’s renown in the Finger Lakes keeps growing.

Courier Post – 10/28/2017 – Austrian wine varieties finding a home in New Jersey and Mid-Atlantic region.

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