Long Island “In Pursuit of Excellence” — Plus Promocode for 50% Off 2018 USBevX Registration

Earlier this week, the first story I’ve ever written for Wine Industry Advisor, “Long Island Wine in Pursuit of Excellence” was published. Even if you’ve been reading this site (or my previous one) for years, I think you might for the story interesting. I offer my own thoughts on the current state of Long Island wine and then interview local leaders like Anthony Nappa, Rich Olsen-Harbich and Roman Roth to get their impressions of how the region has got where it is today. Check it out.

My story is just one in a series of stories authored by a small group of East Coast-based wine writers who I will also be joining at the 2018 USBevX Conference for a panel discussion titled “Wine Writers, What Are They Looking For?” I think it’s going to be a very interesting conversation with some really really smart, thoughtful writers, including Carlo DeVito, Paul Vigna and Frank Morgan.

USBevX takes place in Washington, DC, February 21 – 22.  Launched by the Wine Industry Network in 2016, USBevX was started with the goal of establishing a world-class conference and trade show specifically for the eastern U.S. wine industry.

The organizers have put together a ton of great content.

If you’re a quality-focused producer outside of California, Washington or Oregon, you should attend this conference.. Use promocode “LENN2018” and you’ll get 50% off your registration.

I hope to see you there!



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