Veteran Writer Carlo DeVito Named Editor-at-Large for The Cork Report

In some ways, this new partnership was inevitable — and it’s certainly been a long time coming. Carlo DeVito, our new editor-at-large, is a long-time friend who has been writing about East Coast wines — from Maine to Virginia — for longer than almost anyone both in books and on his blog, East Coast Wineries.

He’s a long-time publishing executive who has written nearly two dozen books on topics ranging from Mark Twain and Yogi Berra to puppies and goldfish. As an editor and publisher, he’s worked with wine, beer and spirits writers like Kevin Zraly, Oz Clark, Matt Kramer, Jeff Jensen and Mike DeSimone, Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, Jim Meehan, Stephen Beaumont and Joshua M. Bernstein.

He’s been chasing me for a book for years. One day, maybe that’ll happen.

In the meantime, he’s joining the team to write about issues and topics related East Coast wine. His experience writing about the various regions — along with his perspective as a winery owner — should result in some really interesting, thought-provoking stories.

Carlo is also pushing me to revive my “The Cork Report” podcast, which fizzled not long after it was born a couple years ago — while also volunteering to be my co-host. Anyone who has spent any time at all with the two of us together will tell you, we share a pretty interesting chemistry that — if it translates to podcasting — could make for some fun listening. Look for more on this side of things soon.



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