North American Wine News – February 12, 2017 The Cork Report Headlines

Check out all of the North American wine news that you need to know about.

Chicago Tribune – 2/7/2018 – The variety of wine styles from the Finger Lakes destroy the lingering notion that Riesling is only sweet.

Penn Live – 2/7/2018 – Pennsylvania receives $17.5 million from USDA to support fight against the mounting vineyard threat from Spotted Lantern Fly.

New York Times – 2/6/2018 – Brooklyn restaurant takes singular approach with all adult beverages sourced in New York state.

Charlotte Five – 2/6/2018 – Surry County Wine Trail in North Carolina’s Yadkin Valley shows that region’s wines are much more than muscadines.

Washington Post – 2/6/2018 –  Rapidly expanding cider industry is challenging cider makers to make sense of their own products and markets.

Edible Manhattan – 2/5/2018 – A modern-day Johnny Appleseed is planting knowledge and helping New York to grow organic cider orchards.


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