North American Wine News – February 26, 2017 The Cork Report Headlines

Check out all the North American wine news that you need to know about this week.

Japan Times – 2/24/2018New York craft beverage focus serves up exotic allure at one specialty shop in Fukuoka.

Food & Wine – 2/23/2018 – Vermont grown Marquette grapes macerated in cider just one way to put a new kind of rosé into play. – 2/23/2018 – Syracuse “brewery” breaks all boundaries to ferment adult beverages, for which there is no category.

Penn Live – 2/21/2018 – Logging a road trip of north central Pennsylvania wine country highlights.

Forbes – 2/20/2018 – State’s potato crop identity may someday begin to fade with rise of Idaho vines.

Daily Messenger – 2/19/2018 – Finger Lakes trash incinerator plan continues to meet resistance from community around Seneca Lake.

HVino News – 2/16/2018 – Finger Lakes producer of Saperavi grape wine takes Grand Silver medal in the Republic of Georgia.

Richmond Times-Dispatch – 2/12/2018 – Fresh perspective and updated format for annual premier Virginia wine tasting event.



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