North American Wine News – April 23, 2018 The Cork Report Headlines

Here’s what you need to know about North American wine country this week!

Suffolk Times – 4/23/2018 – Meet Marin Brennan, Assistant Winemaker at Bedell Cellars.

Penn Live – 4/21/2018 – Four wineries form cooperative to raise the collective quality of New Jersey Chardonnay. – 4/19/2018 – New York Senator Schumer pitches USDA on critical equipment funding for the Grape Genetics Research Unit.

The Morning Call – 4/19/2018 – Winery experiences and restaurant events scheduled in June to celebrate the Lehigh Valley wines of Pennsylvania.

Eat, Sip, Trip – 4/18/2018 – 400 years on, America’s first wine growing region is rising above its modern obscurity.

StepOut Buffalo – 4/17/2018 – Natural wine scene reaches into western New York with these props for Liten Buffel.

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