Palmer Vineyards 2017 Albarino

Back in 2010, when Palmer Vineyards and its Spanish-born winemaker Miguel Martin released Long Island’s first Albariño, Martin told me, “I think Long Island may be blessed with the kind of conditions perfect for the production and growing of Albariño because of the similar weather patterns.”  

That first wine, made from fruit grown on vines planted in 2007, showed promise. It was fresh, bright and delicious — just as Albarino should be. “I am very excited about the future potential of this variety in Long Island,” Martin told me at the time.

He’s not alone. Since that first release, not only has Palmer had a great string of successful vintages of Albarino — but that success has inspired others to plant the grape. You can expect it to show up in other Long Island tasting rooms in coming years.

There’s less of the just-released 2017 to go around this year (you can blame the winter of 2016 for that), but the quality remains high.

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