North American Wine News – June 25, 2018 The Cork Report Headlines

Check out this week’s North American wine news worth knowing about.

Reading Eagle – 6/25/2018 – Coordinated research, readiness and response to the spotted lantern fly in PA.

The Washington Post – 6/22/2018 – Tribute to Dennis Horton, Virginia wine pioneer.

Democrat & Chronicle – 6/22/2018 – Finger Lakes wine farmers make innovative adjustments to climate change.

Vancouver Courier – 6/22/2018 – Canadian winemakers initiate fresh campaign to address inter-provincial shipping restrictions.

The Growler – 6/20/2018 – Ontario continues to emerge and show promise as a cool climate wine region.

Wines & Vines – 6/18/2018New hire for next phase of programming at the Virginia Winemakers Research Exchange.

KJZZ – 6/1/2018 – Arizona farmers planting barley crop to save river resources and supply local brewers.

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