“Interpreting Wine” Podcast Takes on New York Wine Country

Wine podcasting has exploded of late — almost like wine blogs did 10 or so years ago. There are so many different wine podcasts today (I even have one now) that it can be difficult to separate the good stuff from the plonk.

My all-time favorite remains Levi Dalton’s I’ll Drink to That but as I find new ones that I enjoy, I’m going to do quick posts about them.

One of my new favorites is Lawrence Francis’ Interpreting Wine. Lawrence is based in London, but he’s in the midst of a series focusing on New York wine. He started off on Long Island, interviewing winemakers like Channing Daughters’ Christopher Tracy, Paumanok’s Kareem Massoud and Roman Roth from Wolffer Estate. From there, he moved into New York City to talk to Mark Snyder from Red Hook Winery,  and to catch up with Anthony Road Wine Company co-owner John Martini. Now, he’s focusing on the Finger Lakes.

Lawrence Francis from Interpreting Wine

All told, the series runs until September 19, so now is still a great time to get caught up and then subscribe to get the rest of the series.

I like Lawrence’s podcast because the episodes are under 30 minutes so you can bang through them fairly quickly and he really lets his guests do most of the talking.

A month or so ago I was invited to meet with Lawrence in New York City but wasn’t able to make the scheduling work — and I’m kicking myself for it now. Who knows? Maybe there would have been an episode with me.

That doesn’t really matter though — I’m going to have him on my podcast after his New York Series concludes. I really want to learn more about what he thought of the people he met and wines he tasted during his travels.

You can find “Interpreting Wine” wherever you get your podcasts. You can also find Lawrence and his podcast on Instagram.



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