North American Wine News – August 27, 2018 The Cork Report Headlines

Lacrosse Tribune – 8/27/2018 – Warm weather spurs an earlier-than-normal harvest for some Minnesota vineyards.

Seattle Times – 8/24/2018 – Western Riesling growers are becoming aware of their fine competition in the Finger Lakes.

Indy Star – 8/24/2018“Indiana Grown” initiative organizes the states newest, largest wine trail.

Philadelphia Magazine – 8/23/2018 – Word continues to spread in Pennsylvania about the threat this pest poses to grape and hop crops.

NPR – 8/21/2018 – Experiences in Texas vineyards tell cautionary tales about the very real problem of herbicide drift.

Wines and Vines – 8/20/2018 –  The Michigan wine industry saddened by loss of pivotal and legendary figure in state viticulture.

Food Ingredients First – 8/20/2018 – Welch’s grape juice manufacturer is entering the wine making supply chain with bulk juice offerings.

WTOP – 8/18/2018 – Virginia vineyards cope with a wet season and assess how it might affect vintage quality..

Hour Detroit – 8/17/2018Rule changes and increased participation at the 2017 Michigan Wine Competition.

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