North American Wine News – November 5, 2018 The Cork Report Headlines

Check out all of the recent North American wine news worth knowing about.

Indy Star – 10/29/2018 – Suburban noise ordinance update process prompts closure of local winery to the public.

Decanter – 10/28/2018 – Andrew Jeffords tastes the Finger Lakes and notes its growth from the days of Red Cat.

Record-Eagle – 10/27/2018 – Michigan winery tops the competition from over 500 riesling wines at Australian international.

Lancaster Farming – 10/26/2018 – Virginia winery celebrates making the short list for a Wine Star award.

Food & Wine – 10/26/2018 – Rutgers University research aims to help New Jersey reclaim its history of hard cider making.

Courier Post – 10/24/2018New Jersey wineries challenged by a wet 2018 season, work to bring a quality vintage in.

Chicago Tribune – 10/24/2018 – Sweet little primer on savoring the ice wines of New York State.

Washingtonian – 10/23/2018 – Eight day trip escapes from Washington D.C. into the surrounding wine country.


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