North American Wine News – February 19, 2019

The Cork Report Headlines

WFDD – 2/14/2019North Carolina fine wine competition assesses the quality produced after two decades of industry.

Star Tribune – 2/13/2019 – Extreme cold is not the only weather challenge that is overcome by Minnesota wine.

The Lane Report – 2/11/2019Winery in coal country is the first in Kentucky to convert to full solar power.

WVTF – 2/11/2019 – One geologist is helping to improve Virginia wine from the ground up. – 2/6/2019 – Regional wines from Pennsylvania and New Jersey awarded at San Fran competition.

The Somm Journal – 1/30/2019 – Interest increasing in how New Mexico makes good on centuries of wine history.

Cornell University – 1/14/2019 – Small farms program features Vermont cold-climate vine nursery with big industry impact.

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