North American Wine News – February 4, 2019

The Cork Report Headlines – 1/3/2019North Carolina built a wine industry and visitors are making it grow.

KARE11 – 1/31/2019 – Cold-climate cultivars are getting a true winter cold stress test at their place of origin in Minnesota.

Dining & Drinking – 1/29/2019 – Somms say its high-time to get on board with mid-western wines.

The Growler – 1/28/2019 – Read positions an weigh-in on the debate about the 51% rule in Minnesota wine and cider.

Wine Enthusiast – 1/28/2019 – Encouraging words about Finger Lakes Riesling for those not yet in the know.

Growing Produce – 1/27/2019 – Virginia looks back on an extremely wet 2018 season.

HV1 – 1/26/2019 – Hudson Valley winery celebrates two decades of quality and leadership.

VT Public Radio – 1/23/2019 – One tiny winery in Vermont is bringing national attention to the state.

Forbes – 1/23/2019 – Climbing over obstacles to emerging wine in the southwest US.

Detroit News – 1/22/2019 – New collaboration in Michigan wine ensures that the show will go on.

Wine Industry Advisor – 1/22/2019 Long Island winemaker named as one of 2019 Most Interesting People.

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