North American Wine News – April 1, 2019

The Cork Report Headlines

Daily Messenger – 3/31/2019 – Finger Lakes winery takes top grower award in recognition of a half-century of farming. – 3/27/2019 – One winemaker who makes a major impact on the quality of Virginia wine.

The Suffolk Times – 3/27/2019 – Long Island wine loses a leader and champion.

Forbes – 3/25/2019 – Long Island wines are also long lived.

KEYC12 – 3/23/2019 – Vineyard education sessions seek to spread knowledge about Minnesota viticulture.

The Frederick News Post – 3/21/2019Maryland wine is rising out of obscure history and into east coast consciousness.

Detroit Free Press – 3/19/2019 – Winery and vineyard are rolling into Motown.

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