North American Wine News – June 17, 2019

The Cork Report Headlines for Lesser Known Wines

Modern Farmer – 6/18/2019 – Vermont vigneronne and mainstream fine wine are making space for cold-climate vines.

TX Public radio – 6/14/2019Texas is expanding its reputation as wine country.

Wine Business – 6/12/2019 – Spring shoot sparseness reveals widespread freeze damage to mid-western vineyards.

MarketWatch – 6/11/2019 – Market pointers for domestic wine destinations off the beaten path.

The Growler – 6/6/2019Specialty crop grant funds new look at cider apples in Minnesota.

Growing Produce – 6/5/2019 – First Spotted lantern fly spotted in Virginia.

SW News Media – 6/3/2019 – Minnesota still working to find and promote its wine identity.

Wine Industry Advisor – 6/3/2019 – New York wineries’ web sites as soft targets show industry-wide vulnerability to ADA compliance lawsuits.

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