On EdibleLongIsland.com: 5 Great 2018 Long Island Rosés You Need to Drink This Summer

You probably don’t need me—or anyone else for that matter—to tell you that rosé is still having its moment in the wine world. Rosé is everywhere. There has never been more of it made—internationally or locally—both in terms of style and volume.

Wineries that didn’t make rosé at all even a decade ago now are. Some wineries that made one version now make two, three, up to nine different rosé wines every year. We even have a winery on the North Fork that focuses exclusively on the style, Croteaux Vineyards.

Some of these wines are very good—even great—but many are also mediocre afterthoughts in a winery’s portfolio, perhaps made only to capitalize on the style’s current popularity. That popularity started as American wineries moved beyond our country’s most popular rosé—white zinfandel—and began making drier, better-made, better-tasting wines from a variety of grapes in a variety of different ways.

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