North American Wine News – August 26, 2019

The Cork Report Headlines for Lesser Known Wines

Forbes – 8/23/2019 – Post New York Wine Classic interview with a longtime Long Island winemaker.

Newsday – 8/21/2019Rosé Only winery on Long Island re-opens after zoning trials and ownership transitions.

Press of Atlantic City – 8/20/2019 – New Jersey agriculture department poised to press promotional campaign for its wineries.

Fortune – 8/17/2019 – Maine winery carries fruit wine into the mainstream. – 8/13/2019Cold-climate variety approved for VQA Ontario wine production.

NH Magazine – 8/13/2019 – Historic places and novel vineyards worth a visit in rural Connecticut.

Atlas 0bscura – 8/7/2019 – Winemaker makes move from Napa to native Ohio to champion American grape vines.

Texas Monthly – 8/7/2019 – Texas Hill Country bids farewell to one of its pioneers.

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