On Edible Long Island: 5 Under-the-Radar Wineries You Need to Visit on Long Island

It can be easy to forget just how many wineries there are here on Long Island. A quick moment on Google reveals that there are literally dozens of wineries (or at least wine brands) on the East End.

And yet, even the region’s biggest fans—people who hit the wine trail multiple times a month—will discover their favorites over time and eventually find themselves visiting a certain handful of wineries more than the others. I’m guilty of this myself, though in my defense it’s mostly because I usually have my kids with me and not every tasting room that has wines I love is ideal for families.

The local, regional and even national wine media is guilty of this too. There aren’t that many Long Island wineries getting consistent media coverage. Part of that is the lack of organized regional marketing, but it’s also laziness. A lot of writers who visit the area only for a day or two tend to visit the ones that they’ve already read about elsewhere. It’s a disappointing cycle.

This story is meant to—I hope—break that cycle. Even if just a little bit.

Here are five wineries where you can find great wine that maybe you wouldn’t expect, or maybe you just haven’t heard about yet.

Visit EdibleLongIsland.com for the list.

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