[REVIEW] Dr. Konstantin Frank 2018 Amber Rkatsiteli

Producer: Dr. Konstantin Frank 
Region: Finger Lakes AVA
Blend: 100% rkatsiteli
Winemaking: fermented 15 days on the skins, aged on them for an additional 10 days and then fermented in amphora
ABV: 12%
Price: $40*

* Review sample provided by the winery

Dr. Konstantin Frank 2018 Amber Rkatsiteli

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  1. Jason Carey

    January 29, 2020 at 4:22 pm

    I am sure this is very delicious, but I think that price point is ridiculous. I can get Georgian wines of this quality for the same or less and even some time proven skin contact wines like the D&G Stonecrusher for less. Of course I could be wrong and this is way better than those examples, as I have not tasted it yet!


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