North American Wine News – September 14, 2020

The news desk has been in quarantine since March when the majority of wine stories were infected with COVID-19 and therefore unpleasant to consume and we were unwilling to spread around. While the pandemic continues its slow burn with conspicuous hot-spots across the country, the surviving growers and producers, distributors, and sellers have shown resilience and a new kind of normal is beginning to emerge. Harvest is upon us, and so we’ll start back up with a slightly new format and a select collection of stories that grabbed our attention in the interim.

Capital Press – 3/23/2020 Idaho to allow bonded wine warehouses
Smart move by the state allows producers with extra inventory to access bonded storage capacity locally rather be than be required to ship out of state.

Idaho Business Review – 4/3/2020 – Idaho Business Out Loud interview: Moya Shatz Dolsby, Executive Director of the Idaho Wine Commission
This is a great interview with Moya – a smart, thoughtful wine professional who is doing great things for Idaho wines. – 4/17/2020 – New Yorks Wine Industry Meets the New State Plant Pathologist
Dr. Katie Gold takes the helm of one of the nation’s premier Integrated Pest Management programs at Cornell’s Extension Lab. – 5/1/2020 – High desert, fine wine
Arizona wine remains largely unknown here in the northeast, but there is a lot to learn and love about them.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby – 5/12/2020 – New York CCL engages wineries on climate – Citizens’ Climate Lobby
When climate change conversations occur in a traditionally conservative district because the potential impacts on industry and commerce are clear.

PennLive – 6/7/2020 – East Coast wineries planted a mix of vines this spring, from Chardonnay to Petit Verdot
We’re not sure that there is a need for more chardonnay in the East, but…

The Southern – 6/16/2020 – Illinois wine industry group looks to unite industry one rosé at a time
Focusing on rosé doesn’t seem like a great idea, overall, but it’s always good to see wineries working together like this.

Wine Industry Advisor – 7/14/2020 – The Wine Industry Continues to Expand in Texas Hill Country
New wineries, new wine trails, and new approaches abound.

PennLive – 8/6/2020 – Spotted lanternfly reports up nearly 500% in Pa. this year
Pennsylvania is a crucial indicator of this pest’s propagation and continues to monitor the situation closely.

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel – 8/16/2020 – Colorado wine seeks to survive 2020
Wineries all over the country are taking a hit because of the pandemic economy, but Colorado was already reeling and still recovering from a devastating freeze in 2019.

Wine Enthusiast – 8/18/2020 – Winery Tasting Rooms are Changing, and Some Say They’re Never Going Back
Wineries are doing everything they can to adapt to current conditions, and visitors need to get on board and adhere to new processes and procedures if they want to provide the necessary support.

TravelAwaits – 8/23/2020 – 12 Gorgeous Wineries To Visit In The Finger Lakes
Most Finger Lakes wineries have gorgeous views, so we care more about the quality of the wines. This story clearly doesn’t care much about the wine itself.

Bangor Daily News – 8/31/2020 – How wild blueberry wine could save Maine’s iconic, struggling agricultural product
Think fruit wine is all sweet plonk? It’s not.

Star Tribune – 9/1/2020 – Judge rules Minnesota winemakers can use more out-of-state grapes
Minnesota Supreme Court decision to rule the state’s 51% local fruit requirement as unconstitutional makes clear there is a deficiency in legislation that distinguishes between farm wineries and industrial wineries. This decision may be beneficial to some individual businesses but may undermine the entire industry. – 9/1/2020 – Exploring RI’s Wineries
Wineries on the New England coast haven’t gotten the attention that wineries across the sound on the North Fork of Long Island have — yet.

Eater Austin – 9/3/2020 – Texas Wineries Form a Political Action Committee to Save the Industry
Lone Start State wineries see the need for legislative advocacy to preserve what they’ve built and push progress for the industry.

The Know – 9/10/2020 – An experimental new grape may put Colorado’s wine industry on the map
Colorado experimentation with obscure cool climate grape seems to be paying off.

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