North American Wine News – October 21, 2020

We wade through all of the news about East Coast wine so that you don’t have to.

Times Union – 10/13/2020Hudson Valley a hotspot for heritage wine grapes
The Hudson valley is a living storehouse of American wine grape history. Don’t overlook these grapes just because you haven’t heard of them.

Providence Journal – 10/13/2020 Local R.I. wineries are close to home and ready for your visit
Reservations may be required but Rhode Island is open for autumn tastings. – 10/13/2020The 2020 Finger Lakes wine grape harvest: ‘Good quality across the board’
Universally warm and dry conditions have us looking forward to what this vintage will bring –for the wineries focused on quality and local grapes. – 10/13/2020Why Northern Michigan winemakers are excited about 2020 harvest, predicting ‘full-bodied’ wines
“Full-bodied” maybe shouldn’t be the goal in the upper Midwest, but Michigan thinks its going to make good on the abundant heating degree days this year.

Cornell Chronicle – 11/12/2020New grant fuels better nutrient management in vineyards
Cornell may be able to plot a next-generation approach to vineyard nutrition. – 10/11/2020Michigan’s oldest winery set to celebrate a major milestone next year
For many, the Michigan wine scene is new but congratulations go out to this foundational vineyard. 10/10/2020 These under-the-radar grapes are gaining attention with Arizona winemakers. Here’s why
Kudos to the growers who are willing to experiment and possibly find a much better fit than the same-old.

Wine Enthusiast – 10/6/2020From New York to Virginia, Four Cab Franc Producers You Should Know
Is this story from 2000? We’ve been bullish on the prospect of fine Cab Francs in the east for more than a decade, and others are finally catching on.

Chronogram – 10/1/2020Wild at Heart: New York’s Craft Cider Industry
Deep reserves of cultivated and wild fruit mean New York is well-positioned to tap its history and pour the future.

PennLive – 10/1/2020Boordy Vineyards’ founder remembered for his wine, nursery and significance to the industry
Detailed account of the enduring positive impact that Phillip and Jocelyn Wagner have had on wine in the east.

Forbes – 10/1/2020Around The World With Texas White Wine
Exciting to see this list of recommendations that are not just another chardonnay or pinot grigio. – 9/30/2020 Michigan Wine Industry Rallies Around St. Julian Winemaker
Winegrower communities tend to be tight-knit, and in times of trouble, they show up for one another.

Wine Enthusiast – 9/28/2020 Passion and Old World Techniques Drive ‘Exponential’ Growth of New Hampshire Wine Scene
There is uniquely-delicious wine being made in every corner of North America. This is a great – if quick – introduction to New Hampshire wine. Don’t write off the fruit wines either – some of them are outstanding.

Democrat & Chronicle – 9/17/2020Top Finger Lakes winemakers strip down for racy charity calendar
Cheeky fundraising never goes out of style, and in this case, it’s by au natural winemakers.

Wine Industry Advisor – 9/15/2020 East Coast Wineries Crafting a Niche in the Vermouth Market
Ample supply of acid-driven wines, fresh local botanicals, and a growing cocktail scene…we wondered when this would become a more widespread phenomenon in the East.

Wine & Whiskey Globe – 9/9/2020World-Class Pinot Noir—Grown on Long Island
Interview with a producer who taunts the odds growing the “heartbreak grape” in a oft-humid climate.

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