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Not Bordeaux or Burgundy: Long Island Wine is Long Island Wine — And That’s More Than Enough

As of last week — March 14 to be precise — I’ve been writing about wine for 14 years and

Does Long Island Wine Need a New, Quality-Focused Trade Organization?

Most wine industry in America — and in the world, really — have sort of trade organization formed to support

Martha Clara Vineyards Moving in a New Direction

When visiting wineries on the East End, my wife and I have fallen into a bit of a rut. We

Wolffer Estate Vineyard 2016 Sauvignon Blanc northforker "Wine of the Week"

It’s almost summer (I’m choosing to ignore the weather we’ve been enduring lately) and with the change of seasons comes

Versatile VerVino at Channing Daughters Winery From the Spring 2017 Long Island Wine Press

For most Americans, vermouth tends to be binary — either red and sweet or white and dry. It’s the stuff

Madiran the Wine bar: Q&A with proprietor Jacqueline Malenda

It’s rare that a sixth-grade science fair project predicts one’s career, but that was the case for Jacqueline Malenda, proprietor

My Northforker Wines/Beers of the Week for March 2017

It recently occurred to me that I don’t do a great job sharing the writing I do for other publications

Raphael 2013 “La Fontana” Red Blend

“My goal for this wine is more savory and tannin driven, but still light on its feet. The influence is

What Will 2017 Mean For Long Island Wine?

New year. Time to reflect. Time to look forward. A fresh start. All that stuff. It’s that time of year

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